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VMS and Traffic Control Utes

Transport requirements

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Standard open license

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    Display Size: 1620 mm x 1050 mm (W x H)
    Net Weight: 45 kg
    Power Supply: 12/24vDC (solar panel optional)
    Operating Temperature: -10˚C to +70 ˚C
    Communications: Stand-alone remote 4G, remote 4G managed server
    Setup Mechanisms: Hydraulic ram for sign lift
    Viewing Distance: 4 – 200 meters
    Control Systems: LCD in-dash controller, remote, laptop & ITS HOST


All late model, high-quality vehicles. Automatic. Easy to use control panel in the centre console. Hand brake alarm. Dual battery / battery isolation switches. Reverse alarms and reverse cameras. Radars can be fitted as optional extra. UHF radios in each vehicle. Type C arrow boards.


Drivers collecting or returning towed vehicles should follow the Safe Towing Guidelines.  Drivers collecting or returning goods via crane truck or road freight will need to complete an onsite induction.

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