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About Smart Workzone Hire

We pride ourselves on customer service and high-quality equipment.  We are a process-based business and our number one priority is the customer experience 24/7.  Our team will always be available for you when you need us.  Our business has been built as a hybrid between a rental company and ITS business and collectively has over 100 years’ worth of experience spread across our team.

Smart Workzone Hire partners with Traffic Control businesses,  Civil Contractors, Traffic Management Centres and the Road Authorities to integrate “Smart” workzones all across Australia. 


Our Mission

Improve the safety of workers and motorists, whilst also improving the efficiency of incident management and reducing congestion delays at your worksite.
Provide your business with reliable and accurate information which can be used by motorists for making decisions.

Tailor our services to suit motorist and  site worker needs using the latest technology.

Our mission

Let us help you make your worksite safer and more efficient.

Contact us for a quote.

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