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SMART Queue Detection VMS & Blocks

Transport requirements

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Standard vehicle with tow hitch or road freight for trailers. Crane truck for SMART Blocks.

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    3 x PTL Trailers, one equipped with a Queue Detection Sensor
    2 x VMS (Type C) Trailers equipped with message synced SmartLink
    Setup may be scaled to include additional VMS Trailers, or deployed using VMS SMART Blocks.


Advanced warning system informs drivers of stopped traffic ahead. Warnings automatically clear when traffic resumes. Long-range systems can allow traffic to divert to alternate routes and prepare to stop safely.

Reduced end of queue collisions. Allows for a smooth transition between faster and slower moving traffic. SMART sensors communicate directly with SMART VMS Trailers and Blocks.


Drivers collecting or returning towed vehicles should follow the Safe Towing Guidelines.  Drivers collecting or returning goods via crane truck or road freight will need to complete an onsite induction.

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