Portable Traffic Signals System (PTSS Type 1)

Transport requirements

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Standard vehicle

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    Net Weight: 11.5 kg (Head), 3.9 kg (Tripod)
    12 Vold LiFe PO4 battery with >20hr runtime.
    3 easy set modes (shuttle, plant crossing, gate)


Fast, easy install. Over 20 hours run time. Shuttle Mode (one remote, two signals - one red, one green). Plant Crossing Mode (one remote, two signals - both red or both green). Gate Mode (one remote, one signal - either red or green). Safe, reliable operation with safeguards against tilt and rotation. APPROVED IN QLD, NSW, WA & SA.


Drivers collecting or returning towed vehicles should follow the Safe Towing Guidelines.  Drivers collecting or returning goods via crane truck or road freight will need to complete an onsite induction.