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Portable Telescopic Solar Light

Transport requirements

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    Block Width 1150 x 1150 mm
    Block Height 502 mm
    Block Weight 1153 Kg
    Fork Ports 200 x 100 mm
    Height Lowered 3.2 Meters
    Height Extended 6 -7 Meters
    Overall Weight 1300.8 Kg

    LED Brand Phillips
    LED Qty (Chips) 384
    Solar Panel 36V/160W
    LiFe PO4 Battery 25.6Ah/921.6Wh
    Light Mode Time Control (Remote Control)
    Product Dimensions 1712 x 423 x 60mm
    Product Net Weight 32.8Kg
    Luminous Flux 21,600Lm
    Colour Temperature 2700~6500
    Beam Angle 150°x 80°


All-in-one Solar Light Head
Powerful 120W LED Power
Programmable Time Set (Remote)
160W Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Strong Fully Galvanised Telescopic
Pole with Lockable Hand Winch
Unique Concrete Filled Metal Encased
Portable Block with Built-in Fork Ports
Can be Custom Painted to Order
Lifting Lugs and Built-in s/s ferrules
Can be loaded straight onto truck with
No need to disassemble
16mm Base Plate with strengthening


Drivers collecting or returning towed vehicles should follow the Safe Towing Guidelines.  Drivers collecting or returning goods via crane truck or road freight will need to complete an onsite induction.

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