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Low Speed Water-Filled Crash Barriers

Transport requirements

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Standard road freight

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    NCHRP 350 TL-2
    Speed: 50 kph
    Height: 870mm
    Width (base): 450mm
    Weight (empty): 50 kgs
    Capacity: 560 litres of water
    Overall length: 2000 mm


Can be used in work zones in all states at 50 km/h or under as well as in most states at 70km/h with a site-specific risk assessment.

Meets NCHRP 350 TL2 criteria for temporary longitudinal barriers. Recyclable product. 120 meters can be shipped per semi. 520 meters of water required per barrier.


Drivers collecting or returning towed vehicles should follow the Safe Towing Guidelines.  Drivers collecting or returning goods via crane truck or road freight will need to complete an onsite induction.

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